BE Your Best


The on-going pandemic has challenged all of us to rethink the how we conduct business, stay connected while being physically separated, and interact with our clients, employees, & prospects.  Interactions are often electronic, meetings and conferences are now virtual events, the dining room table is your office cubical, and every day is now “casual Friday”.

With the many changes, bumps, and detours in 2020, staying connected and communicating your message is more important than ever.   Relevant, thoughtful, useful widgets can help make those connections interesting, sustained, and maybe less stressful with the reassurance of the familiar.

Even in the age of electronic communication, the physical separation we have experienced has been a shock to how organizations market to their internal and external audiences.  Fortunately, a bit of re-thinking, some creativity, and reviving some methods from the past can help close the gap.  For example, use the money saved in room rentals & travel expenses for a conference to ship attendees an event kit with a notebook, nice pen with stylus, and a few other carefully vetted pieces that add value to the virtual experience and assure attendees that you appreciate their participation.

The WIDGET Source can help you align your promotional project with your brand, your purpose, your audience, and your budget. We have nearly 40 years in the promotional products business, and we take pride in our ability to identify meaningful items to enhance your communication strategies.

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