BE Your Best

Be motivating with business development supplies. Be engaging with awesome awards. Be thoughtful with useful brand reminders. 

With so many promotional “widgets” to choose from, selecting the right piece to communicate a memorable message to your target audience on your own can be challenging and time-consuming. The WIDGET Source can help you BE your best—whatever it is you want to accomplish through your items.

The WIDGET Source is woman-owned with more than 35 years of widget wisdom to help you align your promotional project with your brand, your purpose, your audience and your budget. We take pride in our ability to identify meaningful items to enhance your communication strategies.

Whether your business development plan calls for thousands of items for a tradeshow, or your human resources initiative wants to retain employees and welcome new hires, or you just need a very special memento, The WIDGET Source is your trusted resource. Browse this site, call 608.233.1763 x230 or email